Newcastle and district amateur football league

League Table McCalls Division Two

Saintfield United Swifts00000000
Rossglass County II00000000
Strangford II00000000
Tollymore Forest00000000
Valley Rangers Colts00000000
Killough II00000000
Dundrum United II00000000
Ballyvea III00000000
Ballynahinch Olympic III00000000
Castlewellan Town III00000000
Celtic Bhoys Athletic00000000
Dromara Village III00000000
Ballyhalbert Utd00000000

McCalls Division Two
Ballyhalbert Utd vsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsBallyvea IIIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsDromara Village IIIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsDundrum United IIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsKillough IIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsRossglass County IIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsStrangford IIMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsTollymore ForestMore
Ballyhalbert Utd vsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsDundrum United IIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsKillough IIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsRossglass County IIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsStrangford IIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsTollymore ForestMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Ballyvea IIIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Ballyvea IIIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Ballyvea IIIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsDundrum United IIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsKillough IIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsRossglass County IIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Ballyvea IIIvsStrangford IIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsTollymore ForestMore
Ballyvea IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Castlewellan Town IIIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsDundrum United IIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsKillough IIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsRossglass County IIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsStrangford IIMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsTollymore ForestMore
Castlewellan Town IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsBallyvea IIIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsDromara Village IIIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsDundrum United IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsKillough IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsRossglass County IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsStrangford IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsTollymore ForestMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Dromara Village IIIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Dromara Village IIIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Dromara Village IIIvsDundrum United IIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsKillough IIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsRossglass County IIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Dromara Village IIIvsStrangford IIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsTollymore ForestMore
Dromara Village IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Dundrum United IIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Dundrum United IIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Dundrum United IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsKillough IIMore
Dundrum United IIvsRossglass County IIMore
Dundrum United IIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Dundrum United IIvsStrangford IIMore
Dundrum United IIvsTollymore ForestMore
Dundrum United IIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Killough IIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Killough IIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Killough IIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Killough IIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Killough IIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Killough IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Killough IIvsDundrum United IIMore
Killough IIvsRossglass County IIMore
Killough IIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Killough IIvsStrangford IIMore
Killough IIvsTollymore ForestMore
Killough IIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Rossglass County IIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Rossglass County IIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Rossglass County IIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Rossglass County IIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Rossglass County IIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Rossglass County IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Rossglass County IIvsDundrum United IIMore
Rossglass County IIvsKillough IIMore
Rossglass County IIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Rossglass County IIvsStrangford IIMore
Rossglass County IIvsTollymore ForestMore
Rossglass County IIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Saintfield United SwiftsvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsBallyvea IIIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsDromara Village IIIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsDundrum United IIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsKillough IIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsRossglass County IIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsStrangford IIMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsTollymore ForestMore
Saintfield United SwiftsvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Strangford IIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Strangford IIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Strangford IIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Strangford IIvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Strangford IIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Strangford IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Strangford IIvsDundrum United IIMore
Strangford IIvsKillough IIMore
Strangford IIvsRossglass County IIMore
Strangford IIvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Strangford IIvsTollymore ForestMore
Strangford IIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Tollymore ForestvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Tollymore ForestvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Tollymore ForestvsBallyvea IIIMore
Tollymore ForestvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Tollymore ForestvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Tollymore ForestvsDromara Village IIIMore
Tollymore ForestvsDundrum United IIMore
Tollymore ForestvsKillough IIMore
Tollymore ForestvsRossglass County IIMore
Tollymore ForestvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Tollymore ForestvsStrangford IIMore
Tollymore ForestvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Valley Rangers ColtsvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsBallyvea IIIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsCastlewellan Town IIIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsDromara Village IIIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsDundrum United IIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsKillough IIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsRossglass County IIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsSaintfield United SwiftsMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsStrangford IIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsTollymore ForestMore

Newcastle and district amateur football league
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