Newcastle and district amateur football league

League Table McCalls Division One

Group A :

Ballyvea II00000000
Castlewellan Forest00000000
Mourne Rovers00000000
Newcastle Young Boys00000000
Ardglass II00000000

Group B :

Celtic Bhoys Academy00000000
Ballynahinch Utd Swifts00000000
Drumaness Mills Reserves00000000
Kilmore Rec II00000000
Saintfield United III00000000
Ballynagross II00000000

McCalls Division One
Ardglass IIvsBallyvea IIGroup AMore
Ardglass IIvsCastlewellan ForestGroup AMore
Ardglass IIvsMourne Rovers Group AMore
Ardglass IIvsNewcastle Young BoysGroup AMore
Ardglass IIvsStrangford Group AMore
Ballynagross IIvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsGroup BMore
Ballynagross IIvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyGroup BMore
Ballynagross IIvsDrumaness Mills ReservesGroup BMore
Ballynagross IIvsKilmore Rec IIGroup BMore
Ballynagross IIvsSaintfield United IIIGroup BMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsBallynagross IIGroup BMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyGroup BMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsDrumaness Mills ReservesGroup BMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsKilmore Rec IIGroup BMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsSaintfield United IIIGroup BMore
Ballyvea IIvsArdglass IIGroup AMore
Ballyvea IIvsCastlewellan ForestGroup AMore
Ballyvea IIvsMourne Rovers Group AMore
Ballyvea IIvsNewcastle Young BoysGroup AMore
Ballyvea IIvsStrangford Group AMore
Castlewellan ForestvsArdglass IIGroup AMore
Castlewellan ForestvsBallyvea IIGroup AMore
Castlewellan ForestvsMourne Rovers Group AMore
Castlewellan ForestvsNewcastle Young BoysGroup AMore
Castlewellan ForestvsStrangford Group AMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsBallynagross IIGroup BMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsGroup BMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsDrumaness Mills ReservesGroup BMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsKilmore Rec IIGroup BMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsSaintfield United IIIGroup BMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsBallynagross IIGroup BMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsGroup BMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyGroup BMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsKilmore Rec IIGroup BMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsSaintfield United IIIGroup BMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsBallynagross IIGroup BMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsGroup BMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyGroup BMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsDrumaness Mills ReservesGroup BMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsSaintfield United IIIGroup BMore
Mourne Rovers vsArdglass IIGroup AMore
Mourne Rovers vsBallyvea IIGroup AMore
Mourne Rovers vsCastlewellan ForestGroup AMore
Mourne Rovers vsNewcastle Young BoysGroup AMore
Mourne Rovers vsStrangford Group AMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsArdglass IIGroup AMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsBallyvea IIGroup AMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsCastlewellan ForestGroup AMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsMourne Rovers Group AMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsStrangford Group AMore
Saintfield United IIIvsBallynagross IIGroup BMore
Saintfield United IIIvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsGroup BMore
Saintfield United IIIvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyGroup BMore
Saintfield United IIIvsDrumaness Mills ReservesGroup BMore
Saintfield United IIIvsKilmore Rec IIGroup BMore
Strangford vsArdglass IIGroup AMore
Strangford vsBallyvea IIGroup AMore
Strangford vsCastlewellan ForestGroup AMore
Strangford vsMourne Rovers Group AMore
Strangford vsNewcastle Young BoysGroup AMore

Newcastle and district amateur football league
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