Newcastle and district amateur football league

League Table McCalls Premier League

Dundrum United00000000
Newcastle Swifts00000000
Rossglass County00000000
Celtic Bhoys00000000
Carryduff Athletic00000000
Ballynahinch Olympic Town00000000
Ballynahinch YM00000000

McCalls Premier League
Ardglass vsBallynagross More
Ardglass vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Ardglass vsBallynahinch YM More
Ardglass vsCarryduff Athletic More
Ardglass vsCeltic Bhoys More
Ardglass vsDundrum United More
Ardglass vsKillough More
Ardglass vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Ardglass vsRossglass County More
Ballynagross vsArdglass More
Ballynagross vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Ballynagross vsBallynahinch YM More
Ballynagross vsCarryduff Athletic More
Ballynagross vsCeltic Bhoys More
Ballynagross vsDundrum United More
Ballynagross vsKillough More
Ballynagross vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Ballynagross vsRossglass County More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsArdglass More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsBallynagross More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsBallynahinch YM More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsCarryduff Athletic More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsCeltic Bhoys More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsDundrum United More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsKillough More
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Ballynahinch Olympic TownvsRossglass County More
Ballynahinch YM vsArdglass More
Ballynahinch YM vsBallynagross More
Ballynahinch YM vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Ballynahinch YM vsCarryduff Athletic More
Ballynahinch YM vsCeltic Bhoys More
Ballynahinch YM vsDundrum United More
Ballynahinch YM vsKillough More
Ballynahinch YM vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Ballynahinch YM vsRossglass County More
Carryduff Athletic vsArdglass More
Carryduff Athletic vsBallynagross More
Carryduff Athletic vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Carryduff Athletic vsBallynahinch YM More
Carryduff Athletic vsCeltic Bhoys More
Carryduff Athletic vsDundrum United More
Carryduff Athletic vsKillough More
Carryduff Athletic vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Carryduff Athletic vsRossglass County More
Celtic Bhoys vsArdglass More
Celtic Bhoys vsBallynagross More
Celtic Bhoys vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Celtic Bhoys vsBallynahinch YM More
Celtic Bhoys vsCarryduff Athletic More
Celtic Bhoys vsDundrum United More
Celtic Bhoys vsKillough More
Celtic Bhoys vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Celtic Bhoys vsRossglass County More
Dundrum United vsArdglass More
Dundrum United vsBallynagross More
Dundrum United vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Dundrum United vsBallynahinch YM More
Dundrum United vsCarryduff Athletic More
Dundrum United vsCeltic Bhoys More
Dundrum United vsKillough More
Dundrum United vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Dundrum United vsRossglass County More
Killough vsArdglass More
Killough vsBallynagross More
Killough vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Killough vsBallynahinch YM More
Killough vsCarryduff Athletic More
Killough vsCeltic Bhoys More
Killough vsDundrum United More
Killough vsNewcastle SwiftsMore
Killough vsRossglass County More
Newcastle SwiftsvsArdglass More
Newcastle SwiftsvsBallynagross More
Newcastle SwiftsvsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Newcastle SwiftsvsBallynahinch YM More
Newcastle SwiftsvsCarryduff Athletic More
Newcastle SwiftsvsCeltic Bhoys More
Newcastle SwiftsvsDundrum United More
Newcastle SwiftsvsKillough More
Newcastle SwiftsvsRossglass County More
Rossglass County vsArdglass More
Rossglass County vsBallynagross More
Rossglass County vsBallynahinch Olympic TownMore
Rossglass County vsBallynahinch YM More
Rossglass County vsCarryduff Athletic More
Rossglass County vsCeltic Bhoys More
Rossglass County vsDundrum United More
Rossglass County vsKillough More
Rossglass County vsNewcastle SwiftsMore

Newcastle and district amateur football league
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