Newcastle and district amateur football league

League Table McCalls Division Two

Celtic Bhoys Athletic18124270294140
Ardglass II15111371264534
Saintfield United III14101362233931
Killough II189275043729
Ballyvea III1883743321127
Dromara Village III168174741625
Dundrum United II1572650401023
Valley Rangers Colts137064656-1021
Tollymore Forest145182437-1316
Rossglass County II1750123965-2615
Ballynahinch Olympic III1623112155-349
Ballyhalbert Utd1830151894-769

McCalls Division Two
14:00Ardglass II11vs2Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Ballyvea III0vs5Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Dromara Village III8vs3Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Killough II3vs0Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts7vs3Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Ardglass II3vs0Killough IIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic0vs0Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Dundrum United II4vs1Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Ballyvea III3vs4Killough IIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic7vs4Valley Rangers ColtsMore
14:00Dromara Village III3vs2Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Rossglass County II1vs3Ardglass IIMore
14:00Saintfield United III5vs0Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Tollymore Forest4vs0Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 0vs10Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Ballynahinch Olympic III1vs4Valley Rangers ColtsMore
14:00Dundrum United II3vs3Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Rossglass County II1vs3Killough IIMore
14:00Tollymore Forest1vs2Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 1vs9Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Killough II5vs2Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Rossglass County II0vs4Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Saintfield United III5vs0Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic4vs2Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Killough II1vs2Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Rossglass County II3vs2Tollymore ForestMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts2vs9Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 0vs6Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Ballyvea III4vs4Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Killough II1vs2Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts6vs4Ardglass IIMore
14:00Ballynahinch Olympic III0vs7Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Ballyvea III6vs1Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Dromara Village III1vs1Killough IIMore
14:00Rossglass County II3vs2Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Tollymore Forest2vs6Ardglass IIMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts2vs4Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 1vs3Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Dromara Village III4vs1Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Saintfield United III3vs1Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Tollymore Forest0vs3Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts3vs2Killough IIMore
14:00Ardglass II4vs3Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 1vs2Tollymore ForestMore
14:00Ballynahinch Olympic III3vs3Killough IIMore
14:00Ballyvea III0vs1Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Dromara Village III5vs1Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts5vs2Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic6vs1Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Killough II6vs0Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Tollymore Forest0vs6Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 0vs8Ardglass IIMore
14:00Ballyvea III5vs0Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic5vs1Tollymore ForestMore
14:00Dundrum United II5vs2Killough IIMore
14:00Saintfield United III8vs0Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Valley Rangers Colts0vs3Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Ardglass II10vs0Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Ballynahinch Olympic III1vs1Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Dromara Village III0vs5Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Killough II5vs2Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Rossglass County II12vs2Valley Rangers ColtsMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 1vs0Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic7vs0Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Ardglass II3vs2Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Killough II3vs1Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Ardglass II2vs3Valley Rangers ColtsMore
14:00Ballyvea III5vs1Tollymore ForestMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic9vs2Killough IIMore
14:00Dundrum United II5vs1Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Ardglass II5vs0Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 1vs5Killough IIMore
14:00Rossglass County II2vs3Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Ballyvea III3vs2Ardglass IIMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Athletic3vs0Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Rossglass County II1vs2Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Saintfield United III2vs1Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Tollymore Forest4vs0Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Killough II2vs4Ardglass IIMore
14:00Rossglass County II6vs2Ballynahinch Olympic IIIMore
14:00Saintfield United III5vs0Ballyhalbert Utd More
14:00Tollymore Forest2vs1Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Ardglass II1vs1Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 2vs1Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Ballynahinch Olympic III1vs1Tollymore ForestMore
14:00Dromara Village III3vs4Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Dundrum United II3vs2Valley Rangers ColtsMore
11:00Ballyhalbert Utd 4vs6Valley Rangers ColtsMore
14:00Saintfield United III4vs4Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Dromara Village III1vs2Ballyvea IIIMore
14:00Tollymore Forest3vs2Rossglass County IIMore
14:00Ardglass II5vs1Dundrum United IIMore
14:00Ballyhalbert Utd 0vs5Celtic Bhoys AthleticMore
14:00Ballynahinch Olympic III0vs5Dromara Village IIIMore
14:00Ballyvea III3vs1Saintfield United IIIMore
14:00Killough II2vs1Tollymore ForestMore
Ardglass IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Ardglass IIvsTollymore ForestMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsArdglass IIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsCeltic Bhoys AthleticMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsRossglass County IIMore
Ballynahinch Olympic IIIvsSaintfield United IIIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsRossglass County IIMore
Ballyvea IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsArdglass IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Celtic Bhoys AthleticvsSaintfield United IIIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsArdglass IIMore
Dromara Village IIIvsTollymore ForestMore
Dromara Village IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Dundrum United IIvsArdglass IIMore
Dundrum United IIvsBallynahinch Olympic IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsBallyvea IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsSaintfield United IIIMore
Dundrum United IIvsTollymore ForestMore
Killough IIvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Killough IIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Rossglass County IIvsDromara Village IIIMore
Rossglass County IIvsSaintfield United IIIMore
Saintfield United IIIvsArdglass IIMore
Saintfield United IIIvsKillough IIMore
Saintfield United IIIvsTollymore ForestA-A 7 SeptMore
Saintfield United IIIvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Tollymore ForestvsDundrum United IIMore
Tollymore ForestvsKillough IIMore
Tollymore ForestvsValley Rangers ColtsMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsBallyhalbert Utd More
Valley Rangers ColtsvsBallyvea IIIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsRossglass County IIMore
Valley Rangers ColtsvsTollymore ForestMore

Newcastle and district amateur football league
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