Newcastle and district amateur football league

League Table McCalls Division One

Celtic Bhoys Academy55002322115
Ballynagross II5302181449
Kilmore Rec II422010738
Drumaness Mills Reserves42208628
Newcastle Young Boys52031219-76
Ballyvea II31112204
Castlewellan Forest301258-31
Ballynahinch Utd Swifts4013113-121

McCalls Division One
18:30Ballynahinch Utd Swifts0vs0Ballyvea IIMore
14:00Ballynagross II3vs2Castlewellan ForestMore
14:00Kilmore Rec II2vs1Newcastle Young BoysMore
14:00Strangford 0vs2Celtic Bhoys AcademyMore
14:00Ballynagross II4vs1Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
14:00Castlewellan Forest3vs3Drumaness Mills ReservesMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Academy2vs0Ballyvea IIMore
14:00Newcastle Young Boys5vs1Strangford More
14:00Newcastle Young Boys4vs7Ballynagross IIMore
14:00Ballyvea II2vs0Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
14:00Celtic Bhoys Academy3vs2Strangford More
14:00Drumaness Mills Reserves1vs1Kilmore Rec IIMore
14:00Ballynahinch Utd Swifts0vs7Celtic Bhoys AcademyMore
14:00Castlewellan Forest0vs2Newcastle Young BoysMore
14:00Drumaness Mills Reserves2vs1Ballynagross IIMore
14:00Strangford 2vs2Kilmore Rec IIMore
14:00Strangford 1vs2Drumaness Mills ReservesMore
14:00Ballynagross II3vs5Kilmore Rec IIMore
14:00Newcastle Young Boys0vs9Celtic Bhoys AcademyMore
14:00Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsCastlewellan ForestMore
14:00Ballyvea IIvsKilmore Rec IIMore
14:00Drumaness Mills ReservesvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyMore
14:00Strangford vsBallynagross IIMore
Ballynagross IIvsBallyvea IIMore
Ballynagross IIvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyMore
Ballynagross IIvsDrumaness Mills ReservesMore
Ballynagross IIvsNewcastle Young BoysMore
Ballynagross IIvsStrangford More
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsBallynagross IIMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsDrumaness Mills ReservesMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsKilmore Rec IIMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsNewcastle Young BoysMore
Ballynahinch Utd SwiftsvsStrangford More
Ballyvea IIvsBallynagross IIMore
Ballyvea IIvsCastlewellan ForestMore
Ballyvea IIvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyMore
Ballyvea IIvsDrumaness Mills ReservesMore
Ballyvea IIvsNewcastle Young BoysMore
Ballyvea IIvsStrangford More
Castlewellan ForestvsBallynagross IIMore
Castlewellan ForestvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
Castlewellan ForestvsBallyvea IIMore
Castlewellan ForestvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyMore
Castlewellan ForestvsKilmore Rec IIMore
Castlewellan ForestvsStrangford More
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsBallynagross IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsCastlewellan ForestMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsDrumaness Mills ReservesMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsKilmore Rec IIMore
Celtic Bhoys AcademyvsNewcastle Young BoysMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsBallyvea IIMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsCastlewellan ForestMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsNewcastle Young BoysMore
Drumaness Mills ReservesvsStrangford More
Kilmore Rec IIvsBallynagross IIMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsBallyvea IIMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsCastlewellan ForestMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsCeltic Bhoys AcademyMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsDrumaness Mills ReservesMore
Kilmore Rec IIvsStrangford More
Newcastle Young BoysvsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsBallyvea IIMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsCastlewellan ForestMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsDrumaness Mills ReservesMore
Newcastle Young BoysvsKilmore Rec IIMore
Strangford vsBallynahinch Utd SwiftsMore
Strangford vsBallyvea IIMore
Strangford vsCastlewellan ForestMore
Strangford vsNewcastle Young BoysMore

Newcastle and district amateur football league
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